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Snacking more in lockdown? Five tips to beat boredom eating!

Snacking more in lockdown? Five tips to beat boredom eating!

Lots of us are working, studying or just hanging around at home. That gives plenty of time to detour past the fridge and kitchen cupboards to check for the presence of tasty treats.

A biscuit here and a snack bar there may not seem like much, but when spread out over the day (and night) can add up to a whole lot of unwanted kilojoules on an express route to your belly and hips.

To help get you through lockdown, we’ve put together five tips to manage boredom eating before it becomes a habit that is hard to shake.

  1. Pack yourself a lunch box - this works well for kids and adults alike. The whole point is to get you to plan out what you will eat for the day so you go to your lunchbox first.
  2. Set times for meal and snack breaks – just as you would for work, uni/college or school breaks. Stick to your usual break times for morning and afternoon tea, and lunch. Set yourself an alarm to remind yourself to stick with designated snack times!
  3. Stick to your usual working hours – it can be a challenge when working or studying from home to know when is time to clock off (or on). Wrapping up your ‘WFH’ day gives separation from work and play and is important for your wellbeing and mental health.
  4. Eat when you’re hungry from your gut – having the kitchen so close makes it easier to eat as a break from a screen. Before chowing down on treats lurking in the fridge, check whether you are just hungry with your ‘eyes’, or you really have a rumbling tummy. If it is just ‘eye’ hunger, then some fresh air, playing with pets, or a walk around the block will see your hunger disappear.
  5. Get creative in the kitchen – take advantage of the extra time at home to make tasty food that you usually would not have time to prepare when working or studying. Cook yourself a hot lunch. Get the slow cooker underway early to take care of lunch, dinner or both.

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