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Healthy morning tea ideas for the workplace

Morning tea without the donuts - how to switch up your workplace meeting with some healthy alternatives!

Healthy morning tea ideas for the workplace

Morning and afternoon tea in the workplace usually means cake, donuts, slices, or other baked goods. Foods that can be quickly purchased from the supermarket bakery section on the way to the office, or pre-ordered in bulk from the local café or office catering service.

But what if there were some quick and easy, healthy options to bring to the table? Well there are, and we’ve compiled a list to make it easy for you to cater for your next workplace meeting!

Homemade baked goods

You can still have your cake and eat it too, but try making something at home with healthier ingredients in the mix. Consider swapping white flour for wholemeal, and recipes that include fruit or vegetables. Here are some recipe ideas to get you started:

Veggie sticks and dip

Chop up some veggie sticks (e.g. carrot, celery, capsicum, cucumber) and get creative with different dips. These recipes are easy to make and all take 10 minutes or less to prepare:


Fruit platters are easy to throw together, and a great way to work towards getting your 2 serves of fruit a day. Fruits that are in season will taste the best and be the cheaper option. If you’re short on time, try fruits that require minimal preparation such as grapes or berries, or put out a bowl with whole pieces of fruit such as apples or bananas.

Easy savoury options

After something savoury? Try nuts and seeds (unsalted) e.g. almonds, cashews, or pumpkin seeds, wholegrain crackers with a dip or cheese, or our Quick & Easy Popcorn.